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English Lesson 9



He has a bike He= ele Has = Tem a = uma bike = Bicicleta

This is his bike This = Esta Is = é His = Sua/ dele bike = Bicicleta

Subject pronoun: Possessive pronoun
I (eu) My (meu)
You (você) your (seu/sua)
He (ele) his (dele/seu)
She (ela) her (dela/sua)
It (isto) its (dele/dela/seu/sua) Em relação a ser
Ou objeto (animal) que não é ele nem

We (nós) our ( nosso)
You (vocês) your (seus)
They (eles) their (deles/seus)

Ex.: She is from the USA. (Ela é dos Estados Unidos)
She is my friend (Ela é minha amiga)

Rewrite the sentences using the subject pronouns:
1) Carlos is at the door. He is at the door.
2) Maíra is on the phone. ________________________________
3) The cat is on the chair. ________________________________
4) Tatiana and I are in the kitchen. _________________________
5) The students are in the library. __________________________
6) The book is in the school bag. __________________________
7) Mr. Hill is in the garage. _______________________________
8) Carol, Luisa and Anna are at the club. ____________________
9) The pen is blue. _____________________________________
10) Bob and Kate are from Canada. _________________________

Complete the sentences using possessive pronouns.
1) (Henry) This is _____his________ horse.
2) (Anna) This is ________________ dog.
3) (Tonny, Mary, Jane) This is _____________ room.
4) (I) This is _______________ Key.
5) (The students) That is ____________ school bus.
6) (Mary) This is ___________ computer.
7) (Mr. Hill) This is ____________ drink.
8) (we) This is ________________ cake.

Answer the sentences using a possessive pronoun.
(Jane) Whose school bag is this?
It’s her school bag.
(Lucca) Whose cat is this?
It’s _____________________________.
(Luiza) Whose teddy bear is this?
(The boys) Whose ball is this?
(I) Whose calculator is this?
(We) Whose gift is this?
(you) Whose sandwich is this?

Choose the correct pronoun:
1) (I / my) from brazil. (I / my ) name is Gabriela.
2) (She / Her) mother is a lawyer.
3) (He / His) is in the garage in (He / His) car.
4) (They / Their) are in (they / their) classroom.
5) Maria Lucia is (We / our) Portuguese teacher.
6) (You / your) are doing (you/ your) exercise.
7) Lucas is talking on (he/ his) cell phone.
8) (We / our) lab is on the 5th. Floor.
9) The cat is drinking (it / its) milk.
10) Kate is in (she / her) room.

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