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English Lesson 11

English Lesson

1- Complete with and or but:

a) Maíra is tall _________ beautiful.
b) That boy is very intelligent ___________ he’s not nice.
c) My bedroom is comfortable __________ it’s very small.
d) I like my family _________ my friends.
e) My stereo is very old __________ I love it.

2- Describe the following types of hair.





3- Complete:

This man is ________.

This woman is _______.

“Is Tom tall?”
“No, he’s ___________.”

Kathrin has _______ hair, but Laura has _______ hair.
4- Complete with are or is:

a) Laura ____ my friend.
b) Kathrin and Laura _____ intelligent.
c) Perry _____ a good student.
d) ______ we going to the mall?
5- Complete the sentences using her, his or their:
a) This is Laura’s shirt, so it is ____ shirt.
b) “Who are they?”
“They’re Bob and _____ sister, Laura.”
c) This game is Laura and Bob’s game, so this is _______ game.
d) Bob and Laura are rich. There is _____ farm.

7- Write the correct words in the following text:

Martha likes animals. _____ bought a cat last month. And ____ cat is grey, like ____ mother. But, one day, Martha’_ cat died.
______ End

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